MGM Media Weiwei Interviews with President Liu Huijin of the Chinese Global Hongmen Alliance
0 2024-05-08

MGM Media Weiwei Interviews with President Liu Huijin of the Chinese Global Hongmen Alliance

Hongmen is an organization full of mystery. In many people's minds, Hongmen is a gang or even a criminal syndicate. But do you know that Hongmen also has another name - the Heaven and Earth Society.

The Hongmen, also known as the Heaven and Earth Society, originated in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. Its purpose has always been to oppose the Qing Dynasty, restore the Ming Dynasty, expel the Manchus, restore the Chinese nation, and equalize land rights. The Hongmen played an important role in major historical events such as the suppression of the Xilu Rebellion, the burning of Shaolin Temple, the Battle of Huanghuagang, the Wuchang Uprising, and the Revolution of 1911. Countless Hongmen revolutionary fighters upheld the spirit of loyalty and righteousness of the Hongmen, sacrificing their lives and blood, making great contributions to the country and having a profound and far-reaching impact on society.


Up to now, its global Hongmen members have reached 20 million, which not only has great influence in Chinese Mainland, but also has branches all over the world, many of which are registered as legal associations.

Today we will introduce Mr. Liu Huijin, the leader of the contemporary Hongmen and the president of the China Global Hongmen Alliance:

In 1978, he joined the Hongmen in Taiwan and in 1999, he became the third General Mountain Master of the Five Sacred Mountains of the Chinese Hongmen, becoming the first commoner to wear straw sandals to climb the mountain in the history of the Hongmen. In 2004, he established the Global Hongmen Alliance and was hailed as a legendary figure by the media. Let's take a look at this legendary figure and the 350-year history of the Hongmen behind him.


MGM Weiwei Gao: When it comes to Hongmen, many people believe that it is just a gang, and even many people think it is a mafia. Why is Hongmen regarded by many as a gang that fights and kills?

Mr. Liu Huijin, President of the China Global Hongmen Alliance: Hongmen is an organization that was oppressed, slandered, and vilified by the Qing government, but we do not have the right to speak up. So many people have misunderstandings about us, thinking that we are a mafia, which is not correct. In fact, we are a patriotic civil society. Hongmen has made many contributions to the rise of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation, and is also well-known in the Chinese community.


MGM Weiwei Gao: So what significant influence does Hongmen have internationally?

Mr. Liu Huijin, President of the China Global Hongmen Alliance: In 1674, Hongmen was founded by Chen Jinnan in Xiangyang, Hubei. It has been 350 years so far, and it can be said that Hongmen has blossomed everywhere. There are now nearly 20 million Hongmen brothers in the world. These 20 million Hongmen brothers are the backbone of society and leaders of various social classes in every region and country, promoting the loyalty and righteousness of Hongmen.

In addition to having influence within the Chinese community, Hongmen also affects various parts of the world. Governments in many other regions attach great importance to Hongmen. For example, in Indonesia, we hired the King of Indonesia as the Honorary President of our Global Hongmen Alliance, and the King of Indonesia also incorporated us into his royal family as members, thus increasing Hongmen's value in Indonesia; On the 20th anniversary of our inauguration at the Five Sacred Mountains in Hongmen, China, the First Deputy Prime Minister's wife and his wife, the Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and two other generals of Thailand personally attended our event in Taiwan; So one more thing, I was also invited by the United Nations to give a 20 minute report on the history and culture of Hongmen.

In other words, the development of Hongmen in recent years has been widely valued by every country around the world.




MGM Weiwei Gao: Everyone is curious, does the mysterious Hongmen organization really have street code incisions and other things? What are the secret rituals, rules, organizational methods, internal levels, application requirements, and initiation ceremonies?


Mr. Liu Huijin, President of the China Global Hongmen Alliance: When the Hongmen brothers meet and shake hands, the index finger is curved, representing the three and a half incense sticks of Hongmen. This is the secret code of Hongmen, which is loyalty and righteousness incense, benevolence and righteousness, and chivalry. If the three and a half incense sticks are also curved, then the other party is also curved, and we know that they are our own people. When they meet, they also show the other party's position in Hongmen, and their class is either the inner or outer eight classes. As a means of identification, whether you are the Hongmen brothers and whether you are a real Hongmen, a fake Hongmen, or a counterfeit Hongmen.

The gestures and codes of Hongmen, as well as the etiquette during dining, have now become one of the important cultures of Hongmen.

The gates of Hongmen are divided into Inner Eight Halls and Outer Eight Halls. Junior participants in Hongmen gradually progress from Outer Eight Halls to Inner Eight Halls.

So participating in Hongmen is very rigorous. You must have an introducer, and then you need to have an introducer to help you find a Hongmen brother as your guarantor. Then, there will be a teacher to teach you the relevant culture and etiquette of Hongmen. When everything is fine, there will be a formal incense ceremony where qualified people will sit in front and open the incense hall; Then you need to make a solemn oath in the incense hall of Zhongyi Hall. There are ten rules and ten regulations, and one must abide by the ten rules and ten regulations of Hongmen. Only after taking a solemn oath can one officially join Hongmen.

Joining Hongmen is a lifelong event and cannot be withdrawn.

MGM Weiwei Gao: What is the relationship between the Tiandihui, Triad, Paoge Laohui, Xiaodao Hui, and Hongmen in Chinese history? It is said that they all originated from Hongmen. Is this the case?

Mr. Liu Huijin, President of the China Global Hongmen Alliance: The Kangxi Dynasty was very powerful, so Hongmen could not shake it. There was no way to break up Hongmen. It became the Green Gang, the Heaven and Earth Society, the Three Point Meeting, and so on. It spread to all walks of life in Chinese Mainland to protect Hongmen. But it still fought against the Qing Dynasty, restored the Ming Dynasty, expelled the Tartars, restored China, and equalized land rights.

MGM Weiwei Gao: What is the specific operation of the Hongmen Reform you proposed: legalization, corporatization, globalization, and public welfare?


Mr. Liu Huijin, President of the China Global Hongmen Alliance: On April 10, 1999, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China, China, I took over as the chief mountain owner of the Five Sacred Mountains in Hongmen, China. Based on my decades of experience in Hongmen in the past, I believe that Hongmen must transform from a guild to a social welfare organization; So after 6 years, I feel the time is ripe. I believe that Hongmen should undergo reform, and the most important advocacy for reform is to be enterprise oriented, public welfare oriented, community oriented, internationalized, legalized. In the current era, if an organization is not enterprise oriented, it does not have good resources and relies entirely on others. It is very difficult to support it in that way.



So the expectation of society for us is to break free from the form of gangs, so when we have strength, we need to take care of the weak. Internationally, we need to be friendly with Hongmen from all over the world, to have friendly exchanges, and this power can last for a long time.

So one more thing is collectivization. In our activities at Hongmen, we must demonstrate that we are an organized and regulated society.

So once again, governments around the world hope that every organization must be legal and abide by the rules and regulations. Therefore, Hongmen should take the lead in complying with local laws in every region and country, from opposing the Qing Dynasty and restoring the Ming Dynasty to restoring China and saving the country during the Anti Japanese War.


MGM Weiwei Gao: Hongmen's intention is to keep up with the times. What do you think is the historical mission of Hongmen today?

Mr. Liu Huijin, President of the China Global Hongmen Alliance: We are a patriotic group that loves our country, our nation, and our society. It has a history of 350 years from 1674 to now, and there are 20 million Hongmen brothers in the world. The strength of a country requires its territory to be complete. Therefore, Hongmen around the world has always had a hope for peace between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.


MGM Weiwei Gao: Looking ahead, President, what do you think our future should be like?

Mr. Liu Huijin, President of the China Global Hongmen Alliance: The road to go in the future is very difficult, because the world's Hongmen have so many brothers, so everyone must unite and have one heart. So when we advocate for the Hongmen Restoration, we have now received the support of the vast majority of the Hongmen brothers and the Hongmen brothers from all over the world. So we hope that in the future, we can implement the Hongmen Restoration in every corner and region of the world.



Conclusion: In the 21st century, the China Global Hongmen Alliance has put forward the slogan of Hongmen Restoration, New Era, New Image, New Hongmen, and New Mission, reform and innovation, and upgrade Hongmen.