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The 1 Virus Buster(Chinese Version)

【The 1 Virus Buster】

在實驗室的检测过程中,放大鏡下放大10,000至15,000倍可以清楚看見病毒和細菌被 The 1 Virus Buster咭袋分解杀死。由于离子和离子产生碰撞時,会發生的強烈反應,導致咭袋中的某些化合物在產生眼球看不見的氣體能量,从而殺死在附近空氣中的病毒,細菌,花粉和病原體的蟲子等等。气体能量功效為30天,经检测對身體無害,大人,小孩都可掛在身上。在实验过程中还发现,不仅仅是对病毒的分解,Virus Buster对花粉过敏也颇有成效,随身携带一段时间,花粉过敏的幅度将大大减轻,而Virus Buster内所含的成分不论是对老人还是孕妇均无半点伤害,都可安全佩戴。www.The1VirusBuster.Com


In laboratory experiments, magnifying 10,000 to 15,000 times under a magnifying glass can clearly see viruses and bacteria in The 1 Virus Buster anti-virus card bag. Due to the strong reaction between ions and ions collide, The compound in the card bag produces gas energy that is invisible to the eyeballs, and can kill viruses, bacteria, pollen and pathogens in the air nearby.  The gas energy effect is 30 days, and it is harmless to the body. Both adults and children can be hung on it. In the course of the experiment, it was also found that Virus Buster is not only decomposed by viruses, but also has allergy to pollen allergy. When you carry it with you for a period of time, the extent of pollen allergy will be greatly reduced, and the ingredients contained in Virus Buster There is no harm to the elderly or pregnant woman, and they can be worn safely.  www.The1VirusBuster.Com